Particle Splitter

Photon is a variation of the classic "shimmer" effect that was popularized by Brian Eno and Daniel Lanois in the early 1980s. Their effect combined a reverb with a pitch shifter in a feedback loop, but Photon can do so much more!

Photon has a highly configurable routing that allows you to reverse the signal flow between the reverb and the pitch shifter. You can also shape the sound in endless ways by adding filter, distortion, amplitude modulation, and phaser effects into the signal chain. And if these built-in effects don't provide exactly what you need, just use the send/return sockets on the back panel to insert your own!

Photon is different in other ways too. Its pitch shifter uses a granular engine that adds an interesting "gritty", "glitchy" character to the sound that works particularly very well for ambient music. Even the feedback loop is configurable with an optionally tempo-sync:ed delay. CV inputs for all relevant controls and CV outputs for all internal LFOs complete the package!

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